Our soaps are mainly created using the cold process soap making method. Although this process does take quite a bit longer, 4 weeks longer, then a “melt and pour” or hot process method, our bars are visually appealing as they are nourishing for the skin.

For customers who love a rustic looking soap, we use the hot process method which is ready to use in 1 week.

We always want our soaps to be 100% natural, therefore we use only oils, water, lye, therapeutic grade essential oils, top quality fragrance oils and/or colorant.

Our glycerin soaps are colorful as well as moisturizing. Glycerin provides your skin with constant hydration and using glycerin soap on a regular basis can help your skin become softer. Glycerin is the byproduct of traditional lye soap.

For our customers who suffer from skin allergies or conditions, we offer soaps that are free from all fragrances, and dyes. Our all-natural oatmeal soap is a big hit as it provides soothing relief, while restoring moisture to dry flaky skin.

All soaps are made in small batches and inspected for quality standards. 

Natural Soap

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