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Strike One!

My first batch of bee’s soap was a strike out. Although the soap is going to be just fine to use, it’s not as pretty as it should be. Adding honey into the mix (even after accounting for it) was a game changer. When I add additional ingredients, these have always been dry ingredients, not wet. I’ll tone the honey down and see what happens.

I had read that when using bee’s wax that the soap will reach not only trace but saponification quicker. If you read my post from yesterday, you know how many differences of opinions I had read. I’m not sure that this statement is true. In my case it would have been better for me to wait the full 24 plus hours before removing the soap from the mold. There are so many variables as to why my soap may not have turned out. One blog said not to cover the soap during saponification while another said cover it. I covered mine more out of habit than anything else.

I’ve had good luck with my soap making. This will be my first batch that didn’t turn out as I wanted it to. Strictly talking about what oils and essential oils or fragrances I use. I’ve gotten a bit creative as far as what mold I’ve poured my lovely soap into and…..well, lets just say these funky shaped pieces of soaps make good samples to give away. I’ve now invested in some cool molds. I can make a huge 7.5lb batch or smaller batches to fill my smaller molds.

Anyway, I will be attempting bee’s wax soap again in the very near future! I’m sure next time it’s going to be perfect!

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