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Cold Process soap vs Melt and pour

At Natures Botanicals all our soaps are made using either the cold process or hot process method. Our soap creations are packed full of natural ingredients. We never use chemicals or preservatives so you know you're getting a natural product.

Of course we could always create unique fascinating soaps using the melt and pour method. This method would be much faster and we could offer our soaps for sale much quicker than our current method. Sounds like a no brainer doesn't it? The issue we have with melt and pour is basically it's just a bar of deodorant soap that you can purchase in any grocery store. The soap is melted and then poured into molds to set back up. You can add oils, dried spices and botanicals to the melt and pour to make them unique but...… it's still just a deodorant bar of soap.

This is why our soaps are handcrafted. Each batch consists of at least 3 different types of organic oils. Coconut is our staple oil and is used in almost all our soaps. We also like canola, grapeseed, hemp seed, olive and avocado.


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