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Bee's Wax Soap....

I made my very first batch of beeswax soap today. Prior to attempting this, I did a lot of research, read blog after blog. It was so confusing as everyone has their own “special” way to do things. There was a lot conflicting information, that I began to think maybe I shouldn’t attempt this. There’s nothing like wasting time and money on supplies just to have it fail.

I pondered over this for a few days and decided what the heck, I know how different ingredients react to each other. I know what oils work well together the only unknown was basically the beeswax. Since I’ve only worked with beeswax to create the awesome lip balm, using it in a cold process soap was a little daunting. (especially after what I’ve read about bee’s wax in soap making)

I woke up this morning feeling confident that I could do this, and my bee’s wax soap would be just as high quality as all my soaps are. I used some of the information that I had read, just the stuff I thought was important and started my batch, my way. I used Aloe Vera oil, Canola oil, Hemp Seed oil, Shea butter and Coconut oil. Oh and the beeswax. 😊 I started my lye mixture first, so it had plenty of time to cool. Next, I started the long process of melting the bees wax. While the beeswax was melting, I measured out the rest of my oils, honey and fragrances heating to 110 degrees. When the lye mixture was ready, I poured the melted bees wax in my oils, mixing with a stick blender and slowly added my lye. One thing I read and was prepared for was how fast I would reach trace. Boy did I ever reach trace quickly, about 2 minutes quickly!!! (in a normal batch it takes between 25-45 minutes to reach trace depending on what ingredients you’ve used) and poured my soap creation into the cute molds I had bought just for my bee’s wax soap.

Now we wait……….

I allowed what I read to sway me into thinking this was something I couldn’t do; I would be wasting my time and money attempting this. I was also confused with the conflicting information I had been reading and had no idea what was right and what was wasn’t. I wanted to share this because sometimes we can be our own worst enemy and talk ourselves out of things because we’re scared or don’t have enough faith in our abilities. I decided that if my soap doesn’t turn out to be a product that I’m not proud of, I’ll try again. You never know until you try…………..

Until tomorrow…..


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